"Try Not To Become a Man of Success But Rather Try To Become a Man of Value"

Albert Einstein

Leadership & Management

Starting From 6th FEBURARY

Art of smart work

Veg or Non-Veg

Understanding the mechanism of mind


Interactive Workshops

- Leadership & management -

Art of smart work

50 qualities of leadership

Mechanism of mind

Communication Sutras


Interactive Workshops

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Course Instructor

Mr. Romey Kumar

Mechanical Engineer, working as Guest Faculty in Delhi University. Also, worked as Sr. Calibration Engineer in AVL (World Largest Engine Development Centre) India & Austria, Europe (2014-17). Member of NGO called “Society of Values” and has own startup in “Organic Farming”.

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Leadership & Management

This course is designed to equip the students with the knowledge, skills & most important values based upon Bhagvad Geeta & Ramayana. During course we will study the real case studies of modern & vedic successful leaders. We will have more than 15 different themes concerning about leadership and management like - Principles of effective leadership, 5 factors of personality development, qualities of a leader, art of team building, communication skills, art of smart work, lifestyle management and many more in the different flavours..

Topics to be covered

1. Invisible Leadership
2. Art of Leading Leaders
3. Art of smart work
4. 5 factors of personality development
5. 50 qualities of Leadership
6. Principles of highly effective people
7. Understanding the mechanism of mind
8. Redefine success
9. Leading through mistakes
10. Team building – constructive sutras
11. Communication Sutras – Healthy relationships
12. Veg or Non Veg?
13. Is Gita relevant for leaders?
14. Know how each other (Jealously)
15. Anger Management

More about course

1. Grab your certificate
2. Interactive 40 hours workshops
3. Explore yourself with Debate, Quiz, Essay writing, Group Activities
4. Additional 2 days & 7 days workshops
5. Study Material – Bhagvad Geeta
6. Learn Mantra Meditation
7. Fee – INR 400

Discover Your Self

This 6 lesson certified course designed to empower the students with knowledge of true self, enlightenment about nature of mind & enhancement of quality in daily routine activities. All lessons will be based upon Bhagvad Geeta. This course is free for all students

Topics to be covered  –

1. Mechanism of personality development

2. Bringing out angel within you

3. Mind – Friend or Enemy?

4. Concept of Soul

5. Vedas- Myth or fact?

6. Art of time management.

More about course

1. Online Platform

2. Certification

3. Games & quiz

4. Open class discussion

5. QA

6. Learn Mantra Meditation

Spirituality for Modern Youth

This course is a 6 Session e certified course on understanding the fundamentals of spirituality, resolving the common doubts, knowledge about real self, scientific reasons to believe in God, debate discussion on “Vedas”. Get to learn the logical understanding of Bhagvad Geeta verses from scientific point of view.

Topics to be covered- 

1. 4 scientific reasons to believe in God 

2. Why can’t we see God ?

3. Scriptures- Myth or Fact 

4. Science of reincarnation 

5. Why bad things happens to good people 

6. If God is one then why so many religions? 

More about course

1. E- Certified 

2. Learn Mantra Meditation 

3. Additional physical classes 

4. Online mode 

5. Fee – Sincerity 

6. Activities- QnA, Debate, Open class discussion

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